8 Ways to Use a Makeup Refrigerator

When Sonia was growing up, she shared one bathroom with her parents and four siblings. She recounts with a mischievous grin that as a teen, she’d often spend long bouts of time pampering herself inside while disgruntled relatives pounded at the door.

Now, decades later, Sonia has a charming boudoir and bath all to herself. The sun delicately filters through lace curtains, crystals glitter from a chandelier overhead, and an oil painting of a reclining woman decorates the wall behind the toilet. In addition to small white towels, cotton balls, and Q-tips, there is colorful makeup everywhere. Yes, literally covering every surface, lucite holders and baskets overflow with lipsticks, powders, brushes, and cremes.

The only thing Sonia seems to be missing is a makeup fridge. She may not even know such a thing exists. Do you? Read on to learn what to store in these cute units and why they’re in such demand lately.

Roll and Refresh

If you don’t have a jade roller, I highly suggest you get one. Rotate this 100% jade stone from the Great Himalayan Range over your face and neck to improve circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. Trust me, you’ll get addicted. This simple $7 beauty product will also tighten skin, smooth wrinkles, massage and de-stress muscles, plus reduce puffiness. When chilled, the experience of using this toning stone is truly refreshing! Rather than having to go down to the kitchen to get your jade roller, store it in a mini fridge in your bedroom.


Another glimpse into Sonia’s life: After her daily, morning coffee Sonia, rubs a thick, gel-filled aloe vera leaf over her cheeks, chin, forehead, and upper lip. She keeps this slice of cactus on the door of her Sub-Zero next to her stash of chocolate bars. If only she had a makeup fridge, surely it would be front and center.

Lacquer Saver

Whether you bring your own polish to the salon or beautify your fingers and toes at home, one of the best ways to preserve nail polish is by keeping it chilled. With cool temps, the paint will stay thin and the color will remain unchanged. So as to not have your favorite red Essie sharing space with aged cheese, keep it with like items in a makeup fridge.

Eye-sy Cold

When undereye creams and gels are cold, they repair undereye puffiness and swelling faster than when they are kept at room temperature. In addition to constricting blood vessels to facilitate healing, the chill will feel fabulous.

Safeguarding Scents

Chemicals in perfumes break down when they are exposed to too much light or heat. Preserve your favorite fragrances by keeping them in a … you guessed it, makeup fridge!

Fresh Kissing

Did you ever come across a lipstick that suits your look so wonderfully well only to find out that the company permanently discontinued the shade? Well, the next time you find such a find, buy many so you can always have your “Rosey Blush #245.” Keep this stock chilled to maintain color and consistency.

Cool Cosmetics

Liquid makeups expire. That includes foundations, mascaras, and eyeliners. Keep them chilled and they’ll last longer. You can also add in vitamin C serums, masks, and mists for a more refreshing beauty routine.

Pure & Preserved

Naturalists insist that because each pore is a portal to our bodies, each ingredient in skin products should be natural. While preservatives maintain freshness, they compromise this purity. Refrigeration keeps bacteria at bay and these often expensive products at their best. Pop these in your li’l fridge as well!

Makeup Fridges to Consider Buying

These are some units that caught my eye:

The Cooluli has a 4-liter capacity, is $50, and can switch from a cooler to a food (or towel) warmer.

Gourmia Thermoelectric also has a 4-liter capacity, is $46, and comes with a built-in Bluetooth Speaker.

The FaceTory has a 10-liter capacity, is $109, and the fun shade of coral pink will make you feel like you’re playing with a Barbie doll accessory. 

Cooluli Vibe: 15-liter capacity, $100, with a fun dry erase exterior. I recommend going this size, so you can store your smoothies in their too.

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