A Healthier Halloween

The holidays are fun. Aren’t they? We fancy up our homes with corny decorations and wear silly props around the office, home, and about town. We don reindeer hats at Christmas and patriotic colors at the start of July. And now, for Halloween, adults and children alike put on colorful wigs, sparkly makeup, odd clothing, and throw white, whispy spider webs across our windows. Yes, it’s certainly a blast to get into the seasonal spirit of things.

But there’s this thing about the upcoming holiday that kind of disturbs me. Every day we are bombarded with messages about the benefits of kale and cucumbers and are warned of the dangers of junk food. For example, studies show that sugar can make you pimply, sad, restless, and fat. So then, what should ordinary people like you and me (okay, we aren’t ordinary) do when bombarded with so much pressure to serve this toxin to our families, guests, and lil’ innocent trick-or-treaters?

Whether you are hosting a spooky party this October 31st or planning on just greeting masked neighbors at the door, here are some healthier options to serve guests and visitors. Granted, they may be a bit more expensive than cheap packs of M&Ms, but if promoting healthier living is important to you, read on.

Crunchy Halloween Treats

Garden Veggie Chips in the Shapes of Ghosts & Bats are crunchy chips made with sea salt. They are non-Gmo, vegan, gluten-free, and have no artificial flavoring or coloring. They cost $28.99 for 40 5 ounce bags.

For $14.73, get yourself a spooky barrel of Utz Halloween Bats and Jacks Pretzels  Each barrel comes with 70 packets. Their themed shapes of the pretzels add to the fun. 

Sweet but Healthy Snacks

Crunch Dried Fruit packs have no pumpkin-flavored options and are not specifically designed to celebrate this ghoulish holiday, but they quite healthy. These bites are 100% fruit and feature Cherry Berry, Fuji Apple and Tropical Blend Flavors. The cost is $17.99 for 20 packs.

Bunnies may have nothing to do with this time of year, (unless you or your kid dresses up as one) but  Annie’s Halloween Bunny Whole Grain Graham Snacks certainly makes our list. They are $14.95 for 22 pouches and are non-GMO verified with organic flour and have no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or synthetic preservatives. There’s also no high-fructose corn syrup in these cuties.


 YumEarth Organic Halloween Fruit Snack Packs -is a gummy goodie for your goblins. They’re vegan, non-GMO, have no dyes and are certified gluten-free. These are egg, dairy, peanut and tree-nut free and come in assorted flavors. The cost for the ten snack packs per pouch is $8.74. 

A Pricy, Pretty Halloween Snack and Activity

A stunning but pricey option to consider if you don’t care about the cost or are just planning to serve a few, select sweets are the package of Garden Lovers Lollipops. They’re $24.oo for eight pops. They come with a completely biodegradable stick that you can plant in the ground and grow an herb or flower. Simply plant the stick in soil horizontally and water to watch it grow. Sweet! I mean, not so.

A Heart-Healthy Way to Protect Your Valuables

Once you’ve dimmed the lights and placed your nutritious offerings in a bright orange pumpkin bowl, start thinking about the scary things that could happen to your belongings. What if holiday merrymakers turn into crumb-makers at the same moment your vacuum stops working? What to do if your washer or dryer breaks down just as you were ready to clean a mountain of clothing, costumes, and cloths. Frightful.

That’s why the team at CYA suggests you get your appliances and other prized possessions covered under secure warranties. This way, if one of your necessary tools for life does break down, you’ll be quickly and considerately tended to by the most polite reps at CYA. Once an appointment is set, they’ll send an authorized service person who will use only Original Equipment Manufacturer parts to repair your item.

Now, doesn’t that sound BOO-tiful?

Find out more about our fright-less offerings and take another 20% for the holiday!

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