Androids vs Apples: What Your Smartphone Choice Says About You

Ding! Ding! Ding! In the ring are the top two smartphone companies battling it out year after year. And Apple’s up! And Android recovers! Back and forth these two giants punch and rise.

While you may not care about this fight (you have your own issues) you may be interested to know the reason you own your phone brand has a lot to do with who you are and who you are not.

Let’s talk tech:

Do you love to get down and dirty with technology or do you prefer to not know how things work?  (Just as long as they work.) Would you describe yourself as an attention seeker or one who prefers to come and go with silent steps and little conversation? Do you treat yourself to Starbucks Coffee and Gucci shoes or do you mix instant Nescafe’ into boiled water and get your wardrobe from Costco?

On the topic of personality, style, and gender:

A lot of Apple owners gravitate to using all Apple products, thus an iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Airpods. This way they keep most of their cyber life in sync. Some stick with Apple products because they are daunted by the wide array of Android handset types and brands; iPhone offerings are simple and few. In a similar vein, Apple users also don’t want the multitude of customization options that Androids offer. They may even become anxious at the thought of all of that modification. (What’s a widget?)

The talk of the town is that the Androiders are more honest, humble, agreeable, frugal and don’t care about keeping up with the Joneses. Apple pickers are more extraverted, adventurous, happy, and earn more money. (No, getting an iPhone won’t raise your salary nor will selecting an Android turn you into a saint.)

Apple iPhone 11

Smartphone Style

Those who love Steve Jobs also favor fashion, status, and see their phone as an important accessory to their image. An article by The New York Post cites that Slickdeals conducted a survey and found iPhone users spend nearly double what Android users do on clothing. The same goes for makeup and beauty products, with the iPhone crowd spending $83 every month on average on lipsticks and creams and the sort, double what Android users spend ($40). Maybe that’s why there are 5 times more selfies taken with iPhones than those taken with Androids. Oh my.

And if you are woman, most likely your phone of choice starts with an “i” as iPhone users are more than twice as likely to be female. Androiders are usually male, older, and less interested in social status and wealth than their iPhone counterparts (thus the Khaki pants from Costo.)

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Now even if you confuse the stats and enjoy being the star of the show – with an Android proudly in hand or one who hates selfies but owns an iPhone 8, do yourself a favor and get a smartphone warranty. This way if your precious phone ends up in a puddle of water or a Cabernet Sauvignon, you’ll be assured that your fix will be done right by an educated, authorized repair person using OEM parts ( all new parts from the manufacturer.)

Smartphone Warranty

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Gotta go now – I have a call (on my iPhone 6.) Ciao!

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