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It’s Tuesday. Or is it Wednesday? Hard to know during summer. But that’s what I said in the winter. Or did I? Well, as I was saying. What was I saying? Oh yeah, I wanted to share some great learning apps with you – whatever day it is. These are apps that can help strengthen your brain. I’ve been using them. Can you tell? Well, that is, when I remember to.

Snooze and Center

We all know that a good night’s rest and centered thoughts are essential for a well-functioning mind. And so, the first order of business is to aim for as close to 8 hours of good quality zzzs as you can. The second is to quiet the static in your head. Read on for some online tools to achieve these goals.

Calm is an application that will teach you how to meditate plus ease yourself into a restful rest.  The company’s tag line is, “Sleep more. Stress Less. Live Better.” Calm offers tutorials on how to meditate and provides bedtime stories to soothe you to slumber. The Program can be set to English, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. And the best part is that it’s free!

Headspace is another similar app offering meditation guides and articles about mindfulness. Their slogan is “Be Kind to Your Mind.” On their website, they claim that people who used Headspace for just ten days reported a 14% reduction of stress. The company charges $12.99 per month for sessions beyond the introductory ones. You can pay $95 for an annual subscription, which comes to about $8 a month. Also, if you are currently unemployed, you can access one free year of Headspace Plus. (When not working works ;))

Brain Power Play

Luminosity targets your memory, attention, flexibility, processing speed, and problem-solving skills. This site mixes and delivers daily appropriately targeted mini-games. There is an obligatory stat-tracking to show your improvement over time. Luminosity’s tag line is, “Ten years. 100 million members.” Join today and make it 101 mil. The program is free with a $15/month or $80/year charge for a premium membership.

A Well-Read Head

There’s great news for those of you who love to get lost in fantasy novels; go down rabbit holes of info on your phone late at night, and sink into articles on your favorite news feeds. Studies show that reading is a very effective way to enhance neurological function. It has the power to strengthen connectivity in the brain.

Goodreads is a free app that boasts having the world’s largest social network for readers. The site allows you to rate all of the books that you’ve read, write reviews, and check out recommendations from other users. Peruse its database of books, annotations, and user reviews plus partake in discussions, polls, surveys, and blogs. Who knows who you can meet this way. Could be interesting…

Blinkist is a terrific free app that fills you in on the key ideas from the world’s best nonfiction books. The Blinklist team summarizes and explains the main insights of a given book in easy-to-digest, 15-minute summaries called ‘blinks.’ They also offer audiobooks and podcasts. While an upgrade is about $13 per month, if you search for a coupon, you can access it for about $5 monthly.

Think Coverage

Before or after you zone in or play some brain-boggling games on your device, explore your coverage options at CYA. Cover Your Assets offers warranties for your computer, tablets, phones, and a wide host of other valuables. If you find yourself in need of repair, CYA’s customer service department will politely and patiently connect you with manufacturer trained techs. The repairs will be done asap with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer parts.)

Once you’re set up with CYA, give yourself a nice pat…on your new-improved head!

Who We Are

Cover Your Assets (CYA) is a leader and disruptive innovator in the field of service plans. The company offers extended warranty coverage for virtually all types of consumer purchases ranging from high-end consumer electronics to computers, major appliances, power tools, lawn & garden equipment, and much more. All plans are backed by an A.M. Best Rating of “A-” (Excellent) Insurance carrier. Learn more about CYA by visiting

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