Best “Case” Scenario For Your New iPhone 11

By Maggie White, a CYA Blogger

What do you think when you see someone using his or her smartphone without a case? I immediately peg that person as the risk-taking type; someone, who despite knowing the harsh lessons of life, doesn’t give a flip.

And if you find one so bold as to use keep his or her expensive iPhone 11 “commando,” would you, like me, abandon all live-and-let-live policies and blurt out, “It’s such a valuable item! How can you not protect the ultra-wide camera with its new night mode and portrait lighting features? Do you even know about the ability to edit videos as easily as you do photos? I mean, this is serious stuff.”

The reckless kid, lady or gent would most likely reply with a shrug and cite that the front and back glass are both strengthened through a dual ion-exchange process making it more difficult to break. Then he or she’d add that the iPhone 11 is water-resistant up to 2 meters of liquid for up to 30 minutes.

Got it. Difficult to break. Difficult to drown. But still…

Phone Fashion

That’s when it’d be time to mention presentation, saying, “So much more can be transmitted about your style with a sexy case! You can convey coolness, classiness, and your regard for having fun with a cool, class, or whimsical phone cover.”

If Brave Ben or Carefree Cathy still isn’t interested, send these selections to whet their appetites:

Great-Looking iPhone 11 Cases

 CASTiFY is a company that has a lot of fun designs plus an option to customize the case. One can have a name or fun words written ever-so-sleekly on the back. So much opportunity here!

For about $40, one can purchase the very handsome Pro Max Case of the Pathfinders Series from uag. It’s lightweight and has an armor shell with an impact resistant soft core. It also has scratch-resistant pads and screen surround. Plus it is Apple Pay compatible.

If the iPhone II owner wants a stylish ultra-thin protection for about $30, take a look at Tech 21. This company has a plant-based case that is quite attractive and comfortable. I favor the green from the many color choices they offer. This selection boasts an incredible 8ft drop protection. Woah.

Maus has a sleek wooden looking case that would be my first choice. Check it out here. Made from real materials, this sleek model has superior impact-absorbing AiroShock™ technology and innovative material which provides fantastic protection. The AutoAlignPlus technology allows their accessories to fit seamlessly to the case. The $45.00 price tag seems fair enough. 

Walnut Indestructible iPhone 11 Case W0323-AE00-01

A Funky iPhone 11 Case

If one appreciates intricate designs and graffiti art and enjoys thinking about food, this pattern with drawings of fries, candies, and cupcakes is just right. For $41, one can purchase the wild-n-crazy Slam Case from LightProof. The name references its ability to sustain hard falls. Note: there are many other classic versions from this company to consider.



A Wallet Phone Case

Another sharp choice is the Flipcase by LiteProof.  True, it’s pricey at $61, but considering that it can eliminate the need for a wallet as it can hold up to 3 cards and cash, it’s a great deal. This model keeps the camera lens clear and works flawlessly with mobile payments and Qi wireless charging.

Photo 1 - FLiP CASE FOR iPHONE 11


Now, even if your fearless friend passes on these beauties, you can still:

  1. Get your own sharp case
  2. Pat yourself on your back for being smart enough to recognize lurking danger.
  3. Go the extra step and amp up your protection in life with appropriate warranties for your phones and other valuables.

Enter CYA, A Warranty Company You Can Trust

CYA stands for Cover Your Assets, named such to convey that we will offer you warranty coverage for most of your belongings – your phones, washing machines, ovens, rice makers and etc. You may say that you have coverage already, but did you know that CYA is a company that can jump in when the other warranties expire? And when one of these covered items does break down, you’ll be attended to by a super-polite service rep who will suit you up with a super-capable repair person. This white-glove service includes a well-organized visit to your home, timely repairs, the usage of only OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer parts) as well as a follow-up call about a week later to see that all is still working well.

And so, whether you are daring, careful, or somewhere in between, click here to learn more.

Who We Are

Cover Your Assets (CYA) is a leader and disruptive innovator in the field of service plans. The company offers extended warranty coverage for virtually all types of consumer purchases ranging from high-end consumer electronics to computers, major appliances, power tools, lawn & garden equipment, and much more. All plans are backed by an A.M. Best Rating of “A-” (Excellent) Insurance carrier. Learn more about CYA by visiting

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