Buying a Fridge – 101

My Grandmother’s refrigerator was a wonder! I remember it well…The door, humming on its hinges, was heavy with eggs, milk, and homemade pastries. Then there were the plates filled with grapefruits and oranges, sliced-to-perfection. A large colorful salad spread across a platter proudly sat nearby. And last but not least, were the many jars filled with homemade pickles: Green peppers, bright pink turnips, and pale yellow artichoke hearts – glowing gloriously in their brine. 

Grandma’s fridge was a vital tool that enabled her to create the atmosphere she desired in her home. And what an atmosphere it was! Up until her late nineties, she served a 6-course lunch almost daily for an always-changing audience of family members and friends.

I reflect now, about what our refrigerators mean to us. No appliance is so pleasing. None so necessary. On a given day, we probably reach for its handle 20 times.  (During corona, perhaps 120!) 

But alas, if you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, you are probably sifting through a sea of abundant information. There is so much to research. So many decisions to make. Here are some pointers to help you begin your purchasing journey.

Determine Dimensions

First, whip out your tape measure. Rather than getting the dimensions from your current fridge, it’s best to measure the area where the new one is to be installed. The reason for this is that the existing model may not be the optimal size for the space. If you leave a one-inch gap on both sides of the unit, you’ll be able to keep them clean.

Study to see which direction is optimal for the door to swing. Some models allow you to change the direction. Some do not. After that is determined, check that nothing in your kitchen will obstruct the hinges and door as they open. Calculate at least two inches on the side that has the door hinge so the door will be able to fully open. This becomes especially important when you want to remove and clean shelving and drawers.

Lastly, scout out the doorways in your home and make sure they’re wide enough to accommodate your new purchase. You don’t want to have to hoist an appliance of that size through the window. 

Know Your Type

Next, decide which style of a refrigerator will serve you best. You can opt for one with a top or side freezer. There are also French door refrigerators and then, there’s the solo – which stands alone with no freezer accompaniment.

Get the Skinny

If space is tight, look at side-by-sides because they have more narrow options. Keep in mind that slim fridges can’t hold wide items such as pizza boxes and the sort.

If You’re Chilling on a Budget

If you need a freezer and want to have the most storage space possible, look at top-freezer models. They are the most economical as well. Yes, you will have to bend down to find the leftovers, (but let’s consider that exercise.)

If you prioritize having your yogurt at eye level, consider a bottom-freezer fridge. They come with a single door or with two side-by-side French doors for the refrigerator compartment. Note that the French door models tend to be more expensive.

Always check the energy-efficiency rating of each unit, since that will affect your utility bills.

So Nice with Water & Ice

It’s really fun to press a lever and have ice tumbling down or water squirting quickly into your cup. Just know that fridges with these features tend to require repair more often than those without them. Additionally, your fridge needs to be located near piping to allow for these functions.

If you choose a fridge with a built-in water filtration system, you’ll need to buy filter replacements now and then.

Choose a Color

You can go white, black, stainless, or even find a vintage-styled fridge in bright red or blue.

Seek and Ye’ Shall Find

In the age of Google, there is no need to wonder. Just jump in and start researching the best brands and models. Read reviews, look for 4 1/2 star ratings.

Stay Cool with Coverage

Once you’ve decided on a fridge that’s right for you, Check out CYA coverage. Did you know CYA offers monthly appliance warranties that are cancelable at any time? In addition, they speedily provide repair services with a manufacturer-authorized repair person. That means the technician will be trained by the maker of your unit using only Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. No running to his truck for a corroded piece of piping from some garage sale stash. This expert service will be important if your refrigerator does break down.

Then after you get coverage, go eat something delicious!


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