Chill with No-Chill Space Heaters

If a tiny, sneaky drone were to make its way into your home, would it spot you wearing furry boots over your PJs as you shop at your computer? Could it possibly find you under a mound of blankets as you watch TV on the couch? Or maybe it would get footage of you cooking, stripped down and sweating, as the oven heat adds to the steam from an archaic heating system. If you have uneven temps in your abode, read on for some space heater solutions. We’ve got quite a few great choices – priced from low to high.

Reasonable Space Heaters to Consider

If your feet are cramping with chills at work but you don’t want to bother your manager to turn up the heat, buy the Lasko 1500 W Electric Ceramic Heater for just $24. Just place this lil’ unit under your desk to quietly improve your comfort level. This small machine has self-regulating ceramic elements and an automatic setting that prevents overheating. Just remember to shut it when you go to lunch.

The Fitfirst 950W PTC Ceramic Space Heater is unique because of its three wind speeds including natural wind, low heat mode, high heat mode. This makes this compact heater ideal for usage during and beyond the winter months.  It has tip-over and overheating protection and is just $33. One of the greatest features about this cutie is that it also prevents indoor air pollution. The filter will keep dust out of the fan while in use. Four and a half stars on Amazon ain’t bad either.

Also with 3 speeds is The Air Choice Electric Space Heater which can have your room warmed up before you unzip your coat. The Air Choice promises to go from zero to icecream-melting-temps in three secs. It utilizes ceramic heating elements and oscillation without having open coils. The heater gets top marks and is priced at an affordable price of $44. It’s lightweight (under four pounds) and has all the safety features you’d expect.


A Mid-Priced Heating Unit

Honeywell EnergySmart Electric Radiator Heater has EnergySmart technology to regulate power consumption, plus an energy usage display and a programmable thermostat. For $80, this energy-efficient radiator lets owners know precise thermostat readings. It has safety features like an auto-off timer, plus overheat and tip-over protection. The radiator has wheels and a handle, making it as portable as other space heaters.  

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Heating Larger Spaces

To warm large spaces, take a look at The Lifesmart 1500-Watt 6 Element Wood Infrared Portable Heater which sells for $130. It can cozy-up a 1,000 square foot area, as it employs three heat settings, including an ECO mode that doesn’t go above 68 degrees. You can adjust the temperature with a remote or use the LED display. It has a 12-hour programmable timer, child lock, and will automatically shut off if it overheats or tips over.

If you are looking for something portable, large, quick-heating, and safe, consider the Bionaire Silent Micathermic Console Heater which retails for $170. This model will provide consistent temperatures for larger rooms. It comes with a handle and wheels so you can easily move it around. As with the others, it has built-in overheating and tipping protection. The Micathermic is named such for it has unique panels made of mineral mica that use convection and reflective heat to toast your toes in a hurry. 

Hot Deals on Space Heater Coverage

After you make your purchase and read the safety rules quite carefully, warranty your compact heating unit with CYA. While on the site, check out the bundle-and-save packages that allow you to insure more of your belongings and access greater discounts. You will be surprised at the variety of appliances and other valuables you can easily warranty.

CYA is a company dedicated to offering a white-glove experience to its customers. Once under CYA care, if a covered valuable is in need of repair, polite reps will tend to your call. You’ll then get the quickest and most convenient appointment set up. The third stage of the process involves an authorized repair person fixing your item using only OEM parts. That means Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. In other words, no one will be running to the 99 Cents store to fix the handle on your dishwasher with baggy ties. (Happened to me.) Under the CYA umbrella of care, your fix-it journey will be smooth.

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