Computer Shopping, Computer Swapping – Mac or PC?

You know you’re growing up when you start thinking of leaving your mattress to join the real world. Yes, lately, you’ve been considering spending less time surfing the net and watching YouTubes from your tangle of twisted sheets. Vowing to do more of life from an upright position in a proper chair, it’s time to purchase a desktop computer.  

But which to buy? If you’re like me (before writing this article) you don’t know diddly how Macs differ from PCs.  Before you roll over, read on…

Mac or PC?

There is a never-ending debate as to whether Macs are better than PCs. Everyone seems to have a preference, that is, except for clueless you. In an effort to demystify this buying process, here are some bullet points:

The Similarities Between Mac and PCs


  • Use the same basic hardware components
  • Are compatible with third-party keyboards and mice, including wireless keyboards and wireless mice
  • Have a similar interface that allows you to save apps to your desktop, click on apps to run them, browse files in folders, etc.
  • Have biometric sign-in, meaning, with a Mac, you can log in with your fingertip. Windows utilizes a face or fingerprint login.
  • Have virtual assistants. The Mac has Siri and Windows-based PCs have Cortana.
  • Allow you to use cloud services such as Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • Utilize popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox 
  • Allow access to the documents you create in Microsoft Office and other popular office suites 

Differences between Macs and Windows-Based PCs 

  • Windows is more popular than macOS. 
  • The hardware in Macs is only built by Apple.  Windows-based PCs are built by many different manufacturers. This helps drive prices down on PCs, which are generally cheaper than Macs.
  • Macs offer a superb platform for designers.
  • There are more viruses and malware that target Windows-based PCs. Malware exists – written specifically for the Mac.
  • Macs can be pricier because they are considered more stylish. Apple has always been dedicated to creating good-looking technology, dating back to the original iMac.
  • Macs are built and sold by Apple. This tighter control of the hardware leads to fewer problems, which can mean better stability, but it also means fewer options.
  • You can use keyboard shortcuts on the Mac. Not so on a PC. 
  • Microsoft Windows has more software written for it, including proprietary software some people need for work. 
  • The Mac has a connected relationship with the iPhone and the iPad with the ability to share files wirelessly using AirDrop and can also open documents that are open on the iPhone or iPad and even receive phone calls routed through the iPhone.
  • Microsoft Windows has better support for gaming. This includes support for Virtual Reality (VR) hardware.

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