Coping with Corona in Quarantine 

I think it’s still safe to exhale. And so, let’s do so. Stand 6 feet back from all life forms and release a deep breath. As you do, have in mind to expel worry, rid of stress, and bid “the invisible enemy” goodbye. 

We pray that once the curve of the crowned virus is significantly flattened, we will somehow be living in a new, improved world. Certainly, it will be cleaner.

But now we are home and home most of us must stay, and who knows for how long. Here are some ways to battle boredom and make the most of your hours spent in forced hibernation.

Caring in the Climate of Corona

Reach out and touch someone. I don’t mean literally, of course! Think of who needs a phone call, a Facetime, or an email. Send some good cyber vibes out to those you care about. 

Since my kids are currently scattered in different states and apartments, my husband set up a Zoom chat so we could all virtually meet for a family date night. Surprisingly, along with some lighthearted banter and shared stories, we brought up serious topics that have never been formally addressed. Whoever thought isolation could bring so much connection? 

Games to Play in Quarantine

Games are another way to take one’s mind off of scary matters and foster closeness in an enjoyable manner. They can also unite those of different ages. So indulge and relax. Where are you going??

About a year ago, I realized that my husband and I get along quite well when we watch a TV series together or play a board game. Since we are both over 50 and home together, I purchased a great brain-strengthening game called Mastermind. It’s about $10 for the cheapest version on Amazon. There is also a fancy wooden version and a Mastermind for Kids

A few of my family’s other favorites:  Catan, Code Names, Chess, checkers, Racko, and Rummikub. 

If you live alone, seek out some online games that connect you to others. There are many! You can also create games with friends and family on Zoom. 

Read, Learn, Grow

Open your Kindle or take a book off your shelf, pour yourself some tea, light a candle, and shut your phone (Yes, you can do it!) Then, sink into the couch, and allow yourself get shuttled away into a different sphere with the tale of a juicy novel. 

You can also take this time to learn something like a language using an app such as Dualingo or a skill like Photoshop with Never before has there been so much online schooling. Whether you’ve always longed to learn to play an instrument; paint watercolors; memorize lyrics to your favorite songs, or even pursue a higher degree, the time is ripe to pursue educational dreams.

Can I go outside?

However you can, try to get some safe, “socially distant” sunlight and fresh air daily. Please check with your local government to see their regulations regarding exercising outdoors.  It’s also a great time to spruce up your outdoor seating areas, even if it involves solely hanging a hammock from trees in your yard. 

Plan to Plant

Start researching how you’d like your garden to grow. You can consider planting vegetables indoors or out (in case we seriously have to fend to feed ourselves.) Additionally, this might be a smart time to buy a lawnmower and cut down on gardener bills. Check out this CYA blog post on the best lawnmowers to consider purchasing. Another nice project to add cheer to your life is to design hedges and beds of colorful perennials (which you can purchase online or buy in person when we are lucky enough to do errands again.) This way you will have something sure to look forward to this spring and summer. And lastly, pay some attention to the plants you already own. Do they need trimming, repotting, or a dose of vitamins?

Solo and Sweating

Gym memberships on hold? No excuse. You can still find a great class online. If you’ve always wanted to set up an exercise center at home and have the funds to do so, check out How to Uplift Your Home Exercise Experience. Or go cheapo like me while killing two birds with one stone: Today, I listened to a (free) podcast while following a (free) pilates class on mute from a second device.  

Clear and Clean 

Make a list of every spot in your home that needs to be reorganized. Then, go to it, one at time. To assist you with this task, consider buying the Shark Rocket Ultra-Light with a TruePet Mini Motorized Brush and 15-foot Power Cord Hand Vacuum for $99 on Amazon. It’ll make these chores more pleasurable. 

Check out the iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum as well. With all this time on hand, study and set up this little vacuuming machine. Yes, it’s a bit pricey at $269, but think of all the future housework it will alleviate.

As I mentioned, my kids no longer live at home – but many, many, many of their belongings do! I have been taking this time to send them pictures of stuff and asking them to address each item. They answer with a thumbs up to keep. A thumbs down to toss.

Learn How to Food Shop Online

Since shopping in person is now discouraged, it’s a good time to check out the CYA article on the latest way to get groceries without ever leaving your house. In When Your Fingers Do the Shopping, we discuss the fees and stipulations for a few of the most popular online food shopping services.

Guard Your Valuables

We all know that important papers must be organized well, but many of us put that task off for a rainy day. Now that rain or shine, you’re stuck inside, discipline yourself to gather Social Security cards, insurance contracts, birth and marriage certificates, passports, wills, deeds, and etc. Make sure your jewelry is accounted for. This is also a good time to review your warranties and make sure to reinstate those that have expired. You may also want to get coverage for one of the above-suggested purchases. If so, CYA makes it easy with reasonable monthly plans, cancelable at any time.

Goodbye for Now

Like all of you out there, I too do not know what tomorrow brings. Certainty has never been more uncertain. Hopefully, I will be writing to you from a new and improved world soon. Enjoy your homes and loved ones and stay safe!



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