El Salon Solo

Lean back. Waaay back. Relax, as strong hands massage your scalp, and warm water rushes over your head. Smell the fragrant shampoo. As suds swirl down the drain and cheerful banter buzzes in the background, list and let go of your stresses; one by one. Feel the relaxation travel from your head, down your neck, and deep into your shoulders. Aaaaah…

Now. Wake up. Yes. That was just a dream. About the past. When you used to visit your beauty parlor to get a fresh blowout; facial; mani/pedi, wax, or an energizing body massage. We are now living in the time of corona – where all non-essential establishments, including frivolous salons dedicated to superficial selves, are closed.

Alas, whether it is for skin, hair, body, nails or skin, the majority of us are now left to figure out how to coif on our own. Here are some product suggestions to bring the spa to you. Let’s get you stunning for your next Zoom or Houseparty gathering;). 

Epidermis in an Epidemic

Nothing says “good-looking” like great, glowing skin. Buy an easy-to-operate Okachi Gliya Facial Steamer Nano Hot Steam Face Spa to achieve this goal. This unit will heat distilled water in 30 seconds and deeply clean your pores while moisturizing your face. Reviews say this small, convenient steamer vapes at a perfect temperature and exudes an even flow of steam. Buy it on Amazon for $60.

The BeautyHuoLian Portable High-Frequency Machine Skin Therapy Wand is another item to consider to make your face beam brightly. For just under $30, this magic wand uses high-frequency currents to accelerate your blood circulation.  It promises to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin and help heal acne as well! An added feature is that the BeautyHuoLian team will handle all your questions within 24 working hours.

Another item to keep your skin supple is the Suibobo Skincare Green Quartz Real Jade roller for a mere $12 on Amazon. I happen to use this item daily and have been seeing (or imagining) favorable results. Store it in your fridge to add a delightful chill to this rolling experience. Pass the jade over your cheeks, under eyes, over your lips and jawline to rejuvenate your visage. 

A Great Shave in Your Cave

Ladies, having silky-smooth legs is surely one of life’s little pleasures. but alas, in this lockdown, who can get a wax? Look at the bright side. It’s an optimal time to test out a different type of hair removal system. If manual shavers aren’t doing the trick, check out the cordless 3-blade Panasonic Electric Shaver for Women. The heads will flex and pivot to follow your body’s contours. Yes, it does knees too. #summergoals

In These “Hairy” Times

Some are taking advantage of the forced isolation to let their tresses go wild and free in an unruly tangle. I’m against this, for I believe strongly that we feel our best when we look our best. True, I’m not sporting stilettos and silk blouses during this Corona quarantine, but I’m dressed and have my hair and makeup done from post-morning coffee right up until scrolling through-Instagram-bedtime.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to style your locks like a pro. Now’s a great opportunity to do so. Take a look at the CYA blog post titled Everything Hair!to explore which hair appliances can bring about the best results.

Corona Days, Covering Grays

If you can no longer remember what your beautician looks like and are struggling to hide your silver streaks by mixing two different shades of mascara daily, try coloring your hair by yourself. Nutrisse by Garnier is a wonderful product that comes with 2 added conditioners. Not only will your mane look beautiful after this treatment, it’ll be so soft that you won’t stop touching it! The prices for these one-time-use packages are about $7. If you find that the process is easy and satisfying, Amazon has a subscribe and save option.

Another popular hair dye brand to try is Madison Reed. They use a host of non-toxic ingredients and offer lots of nourishing add-on products to guarantee lovely results. They also have operators on standby to help you with the selection and application. (But I should mention, I’m still awaiting their call.)

When You Need a Knead

Remember when you began reading this article and started swooning at the thought of a massage? Well, take a look at The NOUHAUS Massage Chair with Ottoman with a 5-star rating on Amazon. For $700, you can add this “pleasing” furniture to your decor. Especially during these trying times, it’ll be splendid to sink in for the treatment of total spine I-track rollers, the adjustable placement hip-massage airbags, and the full-body heating functions. Heck, if you purchase the Nouhaus, you may not want to leave home, even when Covid-19 is no longer a threat.

If you’d rather spend less ($140) on this quest and would like a massaging apparatus that you can move from chair to chair, consider the Best Choice Products Air Compression Shiatsu Neck Back Massager Seat Chair Pad Massage Cushion. This item boasts a series of air bags that inflate to relax your waist and thigh muscles while gently moving you into the perfect position to work out your stress. There are finger-mimicking oscillating nodes that knead your neck, back and lower body and a vibrating seat to help release tension. The Shiatsu balls use infrared heat to soothe muscles, circulate blood, and provide a complete massage experience.


“Who is seeing my toes?” you may be thinking. Even so, consider buying this pedicure and foot massaging unit to refresh your overall being and distract you from angst in these uncertain times. For $130, this foot massager combines acupressure, shiatsu, heat therapy, and oxygen bubbles to enhance blood circulation, relieve fatigue, improve metabolism to squeeze out toxins from our body. The water temperature can be set from 35℃ to 48℃ (95°F118°F). There is even a compartment for sea salt or your favorite herbs. This is a perfect machine to prep for your DIY pedicure.

Insure To Be Sure

Once you’ve selected an item or two to recreate your favorite beauty parlor experience, take a look at CYA’s warranty offerings. Cancelable at any time, these protection policies will put you at ease. The warranties for any of these appliances – and more – will provide coverage on your investments should something break down. CYA will connect you with manufacturer-authorized repair people who only use OEM (original equipment manufacturer parts) and have your item functioning asap.

Now, go have a beYOUtiful day!


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