Folding Phones

New year, new Cell phones! There are tons of new devices hitting the market all fighting for the comfort of your pocket. With all of these new releases come the same questions we, the consumers, keep asking.

  • Is it faster?
  • Is the camera better?
  • Does the battery last longer?
  • Is there a headphone jack?
  • What’s different about it this year?

Now the most important of these questions, while all of them are very important, is the last one. What is different this year? Most models do incremental changes to appearance but, some break out fashioning a never before seen aesthetic. The most prevalent of these being the Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Fold was set to bring a long-awaited change to the smartphone boundaries. The device was set to be a powerhouse in the pocket. Featuring the same top of the line processors as the S10, the Snapdragon 855 for the US variant, 12GB of system memory, RAM, for speed of operations. A very large 4,380mah battery for a long-lasting battery. 512GB of internal storage to store all of your apps, pictures, videos, you name it! But, most importantly TWO display sizes! 4.6 Inch Folded display for comfortable use and a massive 7.3 inch Unfolded display.

Unfortunately, this amazing bundle of tech will not be in our hands as expected as it was delayed one week before it’s April 2019 release. With the future of the device looking grimm a lot of people are starting to talk about the Fold as if it was the Galaxy Note 7. Saying it’s Samsungs next big failure.

Here is where that is wrong. Samsung spent 10 years on developing this masterpiece which was already in the hands of reviewers. Unlike the Galaxy Note 7, the device was NOT in the hands of consumers before issues came up. Thereby giving Samsung the chance to fix the mistake and release at a later date.

There is no mistake in innovation to this degree. Samsung laid the groundwork for Companies like Lenovo to venture into this folding future. Lenovo already showing off two Folding devices and Apple filing patents for folding technology.

I strongly feel the Folding technology is here to stay and I, for one, love it!

Author: Jose Otero

Master Technician
Jose Otero

From the time Jose Otero dissected his Android phone at the age of 13, he’s been fascinated with everything tech. He is often called an “iPhone dr.” or a “tech surgeon,” because of his competence in diagnosing and performing repairs on Jetson Scooters, phones, tablets, TVs, computers, and TVs at CPS. When not hanging out in his smart home, fishing in Cookeville, Tennessee with his sister, appreciating everything Asian, or hanging with his like-minded, tech-savvy friends, Jose can be found with a broad smile animating his face as he joins his CPS family to make sure he is tightening every screw and always delivering a top-quality product.


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