French Door vs. Side by Side Fridge

French door or side by side fridge, which one is best for you? If this is your question, read the article to understand which one can work best for you.

What Is a French Door Fridge?

French door fridge became popular in the late 1990s, and since then have remained a top choice among homeowners. This refrigerator has a double door that opens from the middle side of the fridge. You can see large space shelves and a drawer that you can slide out. Some versions of this fridge also offer ice and a built-in water dispenser. Not to mention, you can enjoy the features like smart hubs and touch screens in some modern designs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Before bringing a French door fridge for your house, let’s discuss its pros and cons.


  • The contemporary style and body enhance the ambiance of any kitchen.
  • Its large space allows you to store larger objects like big serving trays and wide storage containers.
  • Even if you fill it up from top to bottom, you can easily check or see things in your fridge because of its open shelving design.
  • You can adjust the shelf height according to your need and use places like doors to store different things like beverages.
  • The style offers you to keep everything at your eye level.


  • As they offer a range of features and give you a sleek design, it comes with high prices. This is why not everyone can purchase it.
  • Door storage is not enough for keeping food boxes or items other than beverages. This is why you need to keep such things in the main space.
  • If you are more inclined towards using readymade items, you might find it challenging to pull out the bottom drawer couple of times a day.

What Is a Side by Side Fridge?

This type of fridge contains shelving, from top to bottom on both sides. However, one side offers you freezer features, and the other one plays the role of a refrigerator. Mostly, refrigerators are bigger than freezers. Some of the models of side by side fridge have water and ice dispensers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Again, before buying this type of fridge, you should know its benefits and disadvantages.


  • The slim design of this fridge allows you to adjust it in any small space.
  • These fridges have more space than French door ones. You can also easily store food items in the freezer because of the large area of shelving.
  • As you will get shelving on both sides, you don’t need to bend for taking out anything from the shelves.
  • Wide door storage means you can keep containers like gallon or liter bottles of milk.


  • This fridge is perfect for people who are looking for space-saving options. But people who want to keep large food containers don’t get enough space in them.
  • It gives you more freezer space. This is why it is not a great option for people who have a habit of keeping a lot of fresh food in the fridge.

So, which one is Best for You?

Both of these fridges have their pros and cons which make them different from each other. Choose the one according to your preferences, like do you want more space in the fridge or freezer area? Do you have a small space and can’t keep a French door fridge? Are you looking for designs or style, or for a lot of features? These questions will help you make the right decision.

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