How to Make Your Journey More Jubilant

Built into the instinct to survive is a basic need to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Animals and humans alike pursue food, shelter, safety, and pleasurable social contact. One of the ways in which people differ from the animal kingdom is how we go about attaining joy.

From a young age, we are able to verbalize and manipulate those around us to get what we want. We begin with crying, pointing, and gesturing. Then we form words. Then we ask politely (or throw tantrums.) Soon we (hopefully) become sophisticated enough to access what we want by ourselves and find numerous ways to increase our enjoyment of life. 

Questions on this topic: What are you doing when you are most cheerful? Can you list ten activities that make you shine? How successful are you at bringing those things into your weekly routine?

Here’s a list of some ideas to get your life up to happy-snuff. 

Find an Enjoyable Way to Exercise

Once upon a time, we were bending, reaching, and twisting to gather berries from bushes and running with spears after wild beasts. Now, as our sedentary lifestyles have us sitting long hours at our desks and episode after episode on our couches, we force ourselves to buy treadmills and join health clubs to get the adrenaline pumping. If you find yourself taking too many glances at the clock from up on your bike during spin or from down on your mat while your pilates teacher tones on, admit to yourself that those are not your optimal modes of fitness. Yes, it’s possible to enjoy exercising. Try to figure out how to do so.

Something I did recently was to recall the sports I enjoyed most in my youth. When I remembered that I spent many joyous hours playing racquetball as a teen, I swiftly found a court in my neighborhood, bought a racquet (and goggles I never wear,) and beseeched friends to join me smashing a ball around a white-walled room that resembles a cubicle in an insane asylum. (No, I’ve never actually seen the inside of an insane asylum.) Bottom line, it’s been working. I spend an hour a week howling in laughter (that echoes) while simultaneously, building muscle and cardio strength.

Surround Yourself with Those Who Make You Feel Good

 Did you ever notice that some people cast you under a dark cloud and with others, it’s quite the opposite? Who brings sunlight into your soul? Can you make more space in your schedule for those bright kids, ladies, or gents? 

If these upbeat people live far away, think about which electronics to purchase to make Skyping or Facetimeing almost as good as being in the same dimension. 

As for those who make you feel glum, figure out how to turn the formula around. (We can’t get rid of everyone.) Ask yourself if there are times you experience peace with that person. When with grumpy, do more of the things that create those peaceful moments. (Watching TV usually works – a true escape!) 

Make Way for Music

Built into our universe, and enjoyed by man from the beginning of time, are many symphonies of sound. Birds tweet, ocean waves rhythmically pound against shorelines, and autumn leaves crunch under-foot. In addition to this, we have a variety of ways to appreciate tunes by talented artists. What is your favorite type of music? Which instrument do you favor listening to or playing? Do you love to dance? How do you make room for these wondrous pleasures?

Think about getting out to concerts at least once a year and to clubs once a month. You can purchase powerful earphones, fabulous sound systems and smart speakers to play at your command. Another way to make your life more symphonious is to learn to play an instrument. If these ideas don’t make the cut,  just go outside, lounge on a soft, patio sofa, and listen to nature’s melodies. 

Cook, Eat and Be Satisfied

Do you delight in donning an apron, studying recipes, and working with fresh ingredients to create a stunning meal? Do you relish in tasty chicken-wing-eating-fests and savory salads with all the fixings? Well if cooking or eating (or both) are your things, think about how you can up the experience. Maybe it involves saving for an air fryer or larger refrigerator or purchasing a simple rice cooker so you can focus your energy on spicing up slurp-worthy soups. Take a look at your current cooking situation and ask yourself how it could be even better. 

Get Covered

Part of living a good life is knowing that if and when you have to fix your exercycle, speakers, computer, TV, cooktop, or any of your other happiness-inducing tools, you will be able to do so with little angst. Enter: CYA

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And so, as you find the most gleeful way to flex biceps, gladden your spirit with song, and make food prep peppy, get the best product insurance out there. And if that doesn’t make you a happier human, consider CYA’s 3-months free offering! Click here for info


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