How to Prevent a Cracked Screen

Smartphone screens are delicate and can break easily if you aren’t careful. You probably don’t remember the number of times you have suffered that mini heart attack after accidentally dropping your phone on the ground. While sometimes you may get lucky, you have to understand that your phone’s screen can easily shatter on hard surfaces.

While cutting-edge technology and innovation has enabled tech companies to design smartphone screens that are scratch resistant, they have still been unsuccessful to do anything about the preventing the screens from cracking. A number of ndroid and iOS phones shatter quite easily.
Of course, the best means of protecting your phone’s screen from cracking or breaking is to avoid dropping it in the first place; there are a number of ways to getting away from a costly screen replacement.

Don’t Drop it!

Keep a hold of your smartphone if you want to avoid a cracked screen. This may seem too obvious, but you will be surprised to know how many individuals do not consider their smartphones important enough to afford it the care it deserves. Try your best not to drop it and stop being careless or reckless with your expensive gadget.

Beveled Edge Case

The next thing you can do is buy a case that has a beveled edge or lip around the front. This will not only keep your phone shielded, but your screen would stay intact. These kinds of cases prevent the screen from falling face-first on the ground. Although these covers may be a little expensive and bulky, they will keep your smartphone in pristine condition.

Case with Grips

Another means of keeping your smartphone screen intact is by covering it with a phone case that is made out of grippy material or has grips on it. These covers are popular and are easily available on the market. However, with a sleek cover, a smartphone is more likely to slip out of your hand or pocket and take the unpleasant plunge.

Glass Screen Protectors

Plastic screen protectors gained a lot of popularity in the past, but they have now lost the battle to their new glass counterparts. The latest trend of using glass screen protectors is now on the rise. But you must be wondering why putting another layer of glass on your smartphone screen that is already glass-protected, be worth it.

Let me explain. Adding a glass screen protector to your smartphone screen will not considerably change your every day experience. Moreover, most glass protectors almost entirely absorb the impact of hitting the floor face-first.

Don’t Leave Your Phone on the Floor

In case you frequently sit on the floor, it is very likely that you are in the habit of placing your smartphone on the floor too.

While this may not be a bad idea when you are sitting, as soon as you move, your smartphone is in a vulnerable state. Others may step on it and crack the screen. Instead, place your phone on an elevated surface. Moreover, never put your phone your lap whenever you are sitting. You are likely to forget that it is there, stand up and drop the phone.

Buy a CYA Warranty!

Purchasing a CYA warranty is the best way to prevent a cracked screen!  Once you have coverage, you can just ship your phone in to us to have it repaired, or bring your phone in locally for ASAP service. See details and buy coverage today.

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