How to Uplift Your Home Exercise Experience

Let’s face it, all we have to do to see our future 88-year-old selves is to look at others in their eighties. Some have canes. Many are limping. Others can’t see, hear, or remember. (What was I saying?) Oh yeah…so, in order to live life strong and long till 100 or more, we need to think diet, exercise, and prevention.

You’ve already incorporated kale into your salads; reduced sugar and meat from your menus, and visit the doctor annually. However, when it comes to panting in public, jumping in unison, and sharing space in crowded classes or gyms, you’d really rather pass. Plus showering with flip flops to avoid fungus can’t compare to your own home bathroom experience. And so, if you’re thinking of rerouting gym membership costs to set up your own “sweat shop,” here’s how:

A Modern Home Gym

Listed below are some awesome new home exercise equipment inventions to make you feel glad to be alive (and kicking) in the 21st century.

Be the Fairest of Them All

The Mirror is one of the most interesting new products on the exercise circuit. For $1,500, this 52″ H x 22″ W x 1.4″ D item offers a personalized, private, and interactive workout experience by streaming live and on-demand workout classes directly to your home. For a monthly membership of $39, you can access a variety of 70+ new live classes weekly and an extensive library of on-demand workouts – available 24 hours a day. Mirror uses your personal fitness profile and your biometric data to optimize every workout for maximum results. You’ll receive real-time instruction from instructors, work out with friends, and track your progress. The mirror allows you to sync a BlueTooth heart rate monitor (complimentary with purchase) or an Apple Watch to enable competition mode. Another great feature of the Mirror is that it allows you to create your own playlist or choose from curated lists and enjoy the great sounds from its embedded speakers.


Another Looking Glass Exercise Option

The company Echelon makes a competitive mirror called the Echelon Reflect. It’s a 40″ Screen; costs $1039.98, and offers, for $39 a month, live classes, on-demand classes, world-class trainers, and the ability to compete with friends and family. If you’d like a bigger screen, Echelon has the Reflect 50″ Touchscreen for $1639.98. Looking for an in-home personal trainer or a Barre, Zumba, Pilates, Yoga or Meditation class? Echelon has it. 


Home Peloton

Maybe you’ve heard about the company Peloton and are wondering which products to consider for your home gym. The Peloton Tread is an interactive treadmill that starts at $4295 and requires a $39 monthly membership. (What’s with that copycat membership price?) For this amount, you will get curated programs and workout metrics. The Tread also offers a 32″ HD touchscreen and has a 20W built-in soundbar. This machine has a shock-absorbing, low-impact slat belt plus adjustable knobs that let you change your speed and change the incline. This machine measures 3 feet by 6 feet and weighs 400 lbs.

Image result for peloton tread

Once a Peloton fan, consider adding in the popular Peloton Bike. For the Basic Package of $2,245 plus $39 on a monthly membership, you’ll get delivery, set up, and a one-year-warranty. The membership gives users access to 20+ live daily classes plus on-demand classes which are also accessible from your devices, such as your computer, laptop, or phone. You’ll get instructor-curated programs, and live workout metrics (heart rate, distance, etc.).  

Image result for peloton bike


Come Fly With Me

Lastly, if you are indeed in the market for a modern exercycle, consider Oprah’s favorite, the Flywheel Home Bike. The cost is $1,600 with an extra required membership cost of…you guessed it – $39 a month! If you act now, you can access two months free of that membership. What you’ll get with this price are interval-based workouts led by the best coaches in cycling and performance metrics to help improve your cycling act. With the Flywheel, you’ll be interacting with nearly a million passionate riders, in-studio and at home.


A No-Sweat Warranty

Now it’s time to understand the benefits of purchasing a warranty policy for this equipment. With CYA (Cover Your Assets,) you will get polite care, quick service, plus only an authorized repair person to handle the repairs with Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. This way, if one of your new exercise items does need repair, you’ll get the right attention. After all that cycling, running, and sweating, we think you deserve that. As you near the finish line, click here to sign up

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