Kitchen Makeover Inspiration

In these past few months, parking lots and sidewalks across the globe, have taken on a whole new meaning. In response to COVID-19, many restaurants have used these spaces for outdoor seating. Whether under tents decorated with string lights or in huts made of curtains swaying all around, diners are enjoying the experience. We sit back as if at European cafes and remark about the balmy weather. We wonder now, however, with cold temps soon approaching, will these establishments shutter for good?

Restaurant-less societies translate into more home cooking. And while you may enjoy watching your special red sauce bubble and the lid rattle from the steam of Jasmine rice, let’s admit, there’s something that would make cooking more enjoyable – a newly renovated kitchen! Imagine bidding goodbye to peeling paint, dim fixtures, broken hinges, and outdated countertops. Substitute this vision with a clean, bright look. Such a gift may even make you forget Thursday nights out on the town. 

Here are Instagram sites with terrific ideas to spruce up your kitchen. Mind you, good becomes great with a little guidance;). Make sure to study bathrooms and other rooms as well for applicable design elements.

Terrific Kitchen Renovation Sites 

@Blackbanddesign on Instagram has pictures of kitchens with cool seating, innovative lighting solutions, soothing color combinations, and one of the coolest dog feeding stations around.


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@Studio McGee is a husband-wife team operating out of Salt Lake City. Peruse their site and find nice lighting fixtures, a stunning handling of neutrals, and immaculate, yet warm decor.


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How does a dove gray kitchen with delicate gold fixtures sound? Add in a white porcelain sink, crisp white walls, and a smooth white countertop and you’ve got yourself a terrific-looking room. Enjoy looking through these types of inspirational shots @Humphreymunson, a design firm based in the UK.


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Soothing and rustic are two words that best describe the style found on @jerseyicecreamco. You can gather lots of little ideas on this site. My favorite is the post that shows wooden shelving wrapped around a white pillar and a tasteful amount of accessories.


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Last but not least, scroll through the posts of Nataliekraiem_interiors. Her work is really inspirational.


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Covering Your Kitchen

Once you’ve collected a nice amount of design elements in a folder, check out Cover Your Assets. CYA is an extended warranty company that will handle your needs if one of your covered appliances or valuables breaks down. Their patient and polite operators will swiftly connect you to manufacturer authorized techs who use OEM, that is, Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. Additionally, CYA covers a multitude of items and their monthly rates are cancelable at any time.

And now, go get back to scrolling and dreaming and cooking!

Who We Are

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