Product Spotlight: SMEG’s 50s Style Appliances

You might have noticed the newfound popularity of classic vintage appliances on social media, television commercials, and magazines. In fact, the 50s style of household appliances paved the way for modern household appliances.

Whether it’s a wall hood, refrigerator, dishwasher, the texture and color palette of vintage home appliances never ceases to amaze people. Mostly, people have started to prefer old school appliances because they accentuate individual style and space.

If you’re searching for 50s style home appliances to improve your house’s aesthetic appeal, SMEG’s exclusive collection of 50s style appliances deserve your attention. In fact, SMEG’s 50s style appliances represent a specific taste that extends beyond practical needs.

SMEG: History and Background

SMEG takes pride in its vast sales network and subsidiaries across the world. Historically, SMEG is an Italian-based home appliance manufacturer in Guastalla. Over the years, SMEG has become the global leader in home appliances.

The innovative approach towards advanced technology, minimal design, and varied color variations makes SMEG stand out in the global market. However, it was the quality home culture of Emilia Romagna that brought SMEG in the spotlight.

The combination of overall reach, desired vision, cultural awareness, and intuition makes SMEG home appliances attractive and practical.  SMEG’s in-house certified laboratories possess extensive knowledge of materials and modern technology.

In fact, innovators at SMEG interpret living style to create durable, flexible, energy-efficient, and safe home appliances. SMEG’s 50s household appliance collection upholds its high standards. You can, for instance, expect reliability and sophistication in this decorative wall hood.


The 75 cm wall hood is energy efficient and comes with control settings. The black color, glossy finish, and angled design gives the mount a vintage and premium look. Similarly, this 50s style dishwasher packs a solid punch of simplicity and functionality.


A+++ energy-efficient one door refrigerator also takes the spotlight. The static and white outlook of the 50s style makes it look more subtle than modern home appliances. The double-cooling system of this red 50s style classic refrigerator offers automatic defrosting. The LED display, rounded overview, and heat-molded material makes the refrigerator compact.


The Important of Purchasing a Warranty for Your Home Appliance

Often, the purchase of a new appliance leads to mixed emotions. Usually, it is the anticipation, fear, or excitement about your new appliance that may or may not appeal to you over time. Purchasing a warranty for your appliance, however, will make sure that it functions for years without issues. The warranty also grants you the freedom to reach out to customer support and convey maintenance issues or product dissatisfaction.

Besides, think of the home appliance warranty as a peace of mind. Extended warranties, for instance, have become a norm because they’re worth it. If your appliance breaks down, the warranty can cover the repair charges without delays.  Check out CYA’s coverage options here.

Wrap Up

Great engineers and designers came together to create in-house home appliances that could withstand the test of time. SMEG’s household appliances offer buyers a unique opportunity to relive and reimagine the 50s one more time.

Who We Are

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