Santa Approved Electric Fireplaces

Fireplaces do more than just keep you warm during the chilly winter days. After all, if Santa does not have a smooth passage to slide down your chimney, you sure won’t have any presents to wrap on Christmas morning.

You may be able to find some decent fireplaces online, but we’re not sure how long-lasting and reliable they’d be or how Santa would manage to sneak in with it. In this article, we’re going to suggest the top places where you can get the best electric fireplaces.

  1. Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi is your best option if you want to stay true to tradition and realistic colors. These are the premium line of electric fireplaces and give you just the realistic fire-feel you need.
  2. DimplexIgniteXL Series is the prime option for built-in electric fireplaces. They look utterly elegant, cool, and implant right into your walls. You will find premium quality and impressive steel frameworks in this range and long-lasting services.
  3. We understand how you want the least bit of clutter around, what with the Christmas season and the lots of gifts you’re expecting from Santa. A wall-mounted fireplace is ideal for this, and you can find some great ones at Modern Flames Spectrum Slimline or These two feature a built-in bracket so you can wall-mount or recess install easily. You can find a flawless color, flame, remote control, sleep timer, and temperature control with these electric fireplaces.
  4. Are you looking to fill in the empty space of your already-built fireplace? Consider buying an electric insert for your hearth with a variety of fabulous and authentic designs. You can look at Modern Flames Sunset Charred Oak Insert with a cordless log or the Modern Flames Zero Clearance electric insert.
  5. If a variation from the regular electric fireplaces appeals to you, then you can consider water vapor fireplaces this season. With a three-dimensional flame from Led lights and eater steam, you will get a realistic-looking electric fireplace but with a modern touch. You can find a range of options in this category in the stores.
  6. We understand how your pockets can be extremely vulnerable during the festive season. Hence, we thought of referring you to lower-priced electric fireplaces, especially if you’re looking for something cost-friendly. You can visit Touchstone Onyx Wall-mounted fireplaces or Touchstone Sideline recessed fireplaces for pocket-friendly options. They’ll make sure you’re sufficiently warm this season, no matter what your budget is.
  7. You may be on the lookout for something unconventional and more modern for your high-tech home. A two-sided electric fireplace is the newest innovation of fireplace manufacturers. If you want to enjoy their latest invention, you can head over to Napoleon to find something in this category.
  8. If a two-sided fireplace is not enough to quench your thirst for modernity, then perhaps a three-sided electric fireplace would suffice. Modern Flames Landscape Pro Multi has specific models in this category. They feature a high heat output, realistic flames, flexible options for installation, home connectivity, and other features.

Final Thoughts

Since most Christmas festivities will be home-based this year, we think electric fireplaces would be the ideal investment option for you this season. What better way to spend Christmas than singing carols around a cozy fireplace, under the light of your sparkling Christmas tree? However, it is also important to safeguard your investment with the product warranty. Regardless of what you choose from our list, make sure your fireplace is protected with a warranty from CYA.

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