Shifting Your Office Outdoors

It is likely that you are one of the many currently discovering the joys of working from home. In March, when corona, don’t-come-to-work orders first took hold, you showed up at your den computer on time, put a crisp white button-down over sweatpants, shooed everyone from your vicinity, adjusted your posture, and attended meetings on Zoom. By mid-May, you began handling your now cyber career, wearing clean tee shirts, as you sat comfortably with a laptop on the couch. The kids were allowed in the room, as long as they kept the volume down. 

Now, amid your first-ever COVID summer, you’ve surprisingly managed to accomplish so many work tasks from an iPad as you swing from a hammock staring up at the trees. The kids are somewhere. No one cares what you are or are not wearing. 

Happy as the birds chirping overhead, you look around and decide to make your outdoor enclave more formal and office-friendly. Read on for some ideas to do so.

An Outdoor Desk

Many of us work best sitting upright, but that doesn’t mean you have to go indoors. Check out this rectangular indoor/outdoor table by Flash Furniture. It comes in a variety of fantastic colors. I’m a fan of the green! Measurements are 31.5″ x 63″ and it costs $260 with free shipping on Amazon.

An Outdoor Office Chair

Staying with the color theme of leaves and grass, check out this set of 2 Green Stackable Contemporary Modern Designer Wire Plastic Chairs with Arms Open Back Armchairs. It is $160 for the pair. Like the table we selected, they come in some other colors as well. Note: Before ordering, check seat and table heights for your comfort level. You can also add a seat pad. 

Outdoor Privacy Please

In order to keep your mind focused and the atmosphere quiet, why not enclose your domain? Milltown Merchants makes an artificial boxwood hedge that can diffuse sound and create a screen.  It is $60 for 4 panels that measure 20″ x 20″ each. These easy-to-install panels look great on walls, fences, and more. They are maintenance-free, UV and water-resistant, plus they are eco-friendly.

An Outdoor Office Area Rug

Look, I have no idea if the trim on this next item matches our other selections, but it’s worth a try. If not, they have other patterns. Check out the Fab Habitat Reversible Rug. It’s $94 for a 5′ x 8′ and is made to weather the weather. And get this – it is made from 100% recycled premium plastic. The area rug will mark your area in a manner way better than lucite panels…

Lights and Outdoor Action

The company Brightown makes outdoor patio string lights. It’s $67 for 100 feet of 100 waterproof, clear bulbs. They are dimmable and waterproof and will give you some extra lighting for when 9-5 turns into 9-9.

Outdoor Heaters for Workspaces

With such comforts, you may never want to come back inside, not to mention, begin commuting again. That means we must look ahead to those chilly autumn afternoons when wool sweaters and blankets just aren’t enough. Take a look at The Fire Sense All Weather Wicker Patio Heater. It has a 4-star rating on Amazon, is $200, and has wheels for when you want to scoot back to the hammock. This portable heater uses a standard 20 pound LPG propane tank and starts with just the push of a button.

Plants that Repel Mosquitos

If you are anything like me, I can tolerate creepy crawlers, birds of any feather, and beasts of any size and shape (as long as they remain in cages.) The tiny creature that I’d like to ask God why He created is the mosquito. Annnnoooyyyyingggg. Anyway, in order to maximize your comfort and productivity, plant near your new desk some Citronella, Horsemint, Marigolds, Ageratum, and/or Catnip. They’ll keep those pests away. 


After you’ve designed and selected the perfect items for your outdoor office plan, visit CYA to purchase warranties to protect these new belongings. CYA will patiently and politely connect you with techs who are specially trained by the manufacturer to fix these items and more. They will also use OEM, meaning, Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. Last but not least, these policies are cancelable at any time.

Now, close your eyes, envision how great your new space is going to be, smile, and get back to work!


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