Simple Care: Longer Wear

Let’s get philosophical. Did you ever hear the saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? What does it mean? It means if you prevent yourself from getting addicted to smoking, you’ll be saving yourself so much money not paying for cigarettes; Juul refills, and doctor bills.

Now let’s talk teeth. If you brush and floss daily, cut down on sugar, and get yourself a mouth guard to protect your pearly whites against rough teeth grinding while you sleep, you’ll keep cavities, gum recession, and ever-so-painful and expensive root canals at bay.

Good shoes can translate into good feet. Your ounce on this topic means avoiding cheap shoes; thonged sandals, and ah, wearing those stunning stilettos for more than two hours at a time. Getting monthly pedicures can also go a long way, especially if you participate in marathons.

Now let’s discuss maintaining items in your home, specifically, the major appliances you use on a daily basis. Like our bodies, these machines can last longer and work better with the right care. Here are some easy tips to employ. Heads up: lots of the tips involve cleaning.


The best way to maintain your refrigerator is to keep it clean – inside and out. The coils at the bottom or behind your refrigerator need regular cleaning so they can efficiently cool the unit. Remove the refrigerator’s base grill and vacuum inside every six months to improve airflow to the appliance’s components. Washing the door seals when they are sticky will also help extend the life of your fridge. Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. Then apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly like Vaseline to make these seals last longer. If your unit has an ice dispenser, clean those parts every three months. Replace the water filter every 90 days if your unit includes a water dispenser.


Read the manual from your dishwasher and locate the filter. Say hi to it. You are now friends. As a good friend, you will clean that filter regularly to prevent the buildup of food, pits, seeds, and other things that can get trapped inside during the cleaning cycle. Now, meet the dishwasher’s spray arm. That can also trap food and the water’s mineral deposits. The best remedy for this is a toothpick. Just gently poke away at the water jets in the spray arm to unclog the holes. You can also use a dishwasher cleaner (yes, it’s a cleaner for a cleaner to make it cleaner.) One popular brand is Affresh.

Washing Machine:

If yours is a top loader, you will not have to work so hard to maintain your washing machine. In both cases, leave your washer door open when not in use. That will enable fresh air to circulate in the machine’s drum and avoid mold and mildew problems. Once a month, use Tide or Affresh tablets to clean the interior. As you are doing that, take a look at the rubber gasket to make sure it’s in place and as clean as possible. You can wipe it down here and there with warm, soapy water and a soft cotton rag. Make sure not to overload the machine. That’s usually a common cause for harm. Not too difficult, eh?


After every load of clothing you dry, open the lint filter and gather the fluffy cloud of dust and throw it away. Less often, say, once a year, find the dryer’s exhaust vent and clean it out. Then go outside your home to where that air expels into the universe and clean out that vent as well. Dryers need to be level to keep the drum living long. You’ll know if your machine is off-kilter if you hear it bumping and squeaking. Straighten that baby out before the damage is done.


Do you leave a splattering of tomato sauce all over your cooktop after making a simple spaghetti dish? Well, if you’re a wild chef or simply one who makes a reasonable mess, wipe up spills right away to keep your cooktop in top shape. Be sure to read all instructions in the manufacturer’s user manual; they’ll recommend specific tools and cleansers that are perfect for your cooktop model. For stubborn stains, you can apply a homemade paste of 1 part baking soda and 1 part water to the surfaces of the burner heads and caps, and scrub with a non-abrasive pad and toothbrush. Then use a straightened paper clip to dig out debris in the port openings. Make sure to be gentle and not dig too deeply in the portholes. Toothpicks are not ideal because the wood can break and further clog the ports. Ah, and make sure the surface is cool before you clean!


Like all of the above, cleanliness is key when trying to keep your oven functioning well. So, first read all care tips on your user manual for your select model, and according to their directions, clean your oven as often as possible. Mind you, the self-cleaning mode should be avoided when possible, because the high temperatures on self-cleaning modes can cause unnecessary stress on your oven’s heating elements and internal systems. A few more “don’ts”: Don’t leave racks in the oven during a self-clean cycle, as they can warp out of shape. Don’t ever remove the cooktop’s knobs while cleaning, for it can burn out electrical elements of the oven and can cause erosion and shorts. Don’t wrap trays for drip pans in foil, because that can short circuit the heating element and throw off your thermometer, altering desired cooking results. And now for a “do”: Do make sure the gaskets on the oven door are in good condition without breaks or tears, so the heat remains inside the oven and the heating elements do not have to work overtime.

In addition to this list of maintenance tips, caring the right way for your expensive purchases includes getting the right kind of help and repair when something does go wrong. CYA is a one-stop-warranty-shop that can cover most of your belongings. With a small deductible and a tiny monthly fee, you’ll be assured that when your appliances or other items do need care, they’ll be tended to by an educated, authorized repair person who will only use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

To keep your kitchen in top form, these appliance warranties are as good as it gets.

Now, about your diet…

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