Spring Cleaning with New Meaning

Do you remember, as an elementary school student, learning the definitions of BCE and AD? Would you ever have imagined then, that one day you’d be experiencing a historic upheaval that would introduce a new abbreviation to your vocabulary? Soon, we will be saying things like, “BCV (before Coronavirus,) I didn’t take my shoes off upon entering my home. Now, I leave them outside on the porch.” Or “BCV, my tan lines used to be solely from my watch and my bathing suit. Now my mask leaves quite a mark.” (Please no!)

We are all hoping this virus will exit as quickly as it entered and do as little damage as possible. In the meantime, we are forever changed. One transformation is how we now regard visible dirt and invisible germs.

So, let’s discuss which top-rated appliances can help get our homes spanking clean. I mean the kind of clean that will outshine BCV standards by far!

Vacuums to Trust

You won’t feel like a sucker purchasing this sucker: the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E. For just $200, you’ll have a nimble, lightweight (only 13.7 pounds) and powerful machine to extricate soil and soot from rugs or floors. This shark has thousands of positive reviews, including being an Amazon Choice with 4 1/2 stars.  

If you are intent on removing the dust, crumbs, and pet hair from underfoot but don’t want to invest hundreds to accomplish this goal, take a look at Bissell’s Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum 2033 for $30. One of it’s highlights is that it has a crevice tool for furniture and a floor nozzle for stairs.

Another convenient suctioning appliance to have on hand is the Holife Handheld Vacuum Cordless Cleaner. The Holife has very a powerful cyclonic suction to rid of all kinds of liquids and debris from your carpets, vehicles and seating areas. This handheld delivers up to 30 mins of continuous run time after 3-4 hours of a full charge. One of the great things about this unit is that it’ll avoid overcharging by automatically stop-charging once it’s ready. So, plug it in before bedtime and wake 10 hours later (we wish) to a ready and steady helper.

Washing Wisdom and Machine Suggestions

After cautiously going out to buy essentials, some of us are heeding the recommendation to strip our clothes right when we come indoors. We then run to toss each garment into the washing machine. This new normal is translating into MUCH more laundry, especially if you have a bustling family.

A couple of laundering tips I’d like to share before addressing specific appliances: One is to be kind to the environment as well as yourselves by substituting the liquid detergent that comes in thick plastic jugs with one of the greatest inventions of our time! Check out the light-as-a-feather and safe-to-use Ecosa Laundry Detergent Sheets. 

Next, if you can avoid purchasing a stackable washer and dryer, do so! My experience with units that piggy back on top of each other has not been worth their space-saving benefit. Mildew builds up in the washer’s drum pretty often and I must climb on a stool to be able to see that the settings on the dryer are correct. Furthermore, since our washer broke down before its sister dryer and my husband wanted to try out a new company, we now have mismatched units from two different companies. Now, I have to listen to their incompatible squeaking while the machines are in motion.

Yes, I’m a top-loader lover and here’s what I found on Amazon for ya. It’s called the Speed Queen TR3000WN 26 Inch Top Load Washer. It’s $900 with a 4-star rating. Reviews praise its simplicity and effectiveness.

Spend a bit more ($1,120) and get the LG WT7100CW washing machine which is a high efficiency (HE) unit. Consumer reports asserts that it is quiet with a big tub and hardly uses a lot of water. Amazon gives it 5 stars.

If you are trying to save space and must get front loaders, consider the Electrolux White Front Load Laundry Pair. Electrolux washers have a good reputation for being excellent in terms of washing performance and water efficiency. This pair is about $1,400.

Bacteria Busting Dishwashers

Remember the good old days when you sat at your favorite Italian eatery with a friend and she’d say, “This penne vodka is so yum! Try it.” She’d extend a forkful of saucy noodles into your mouth and you’d happily slurp up the flavor.  Well, that was BCV. Now, as one’s cutlery remains fully guarded and restaurants are probably discussing how to accommodate 4 guests at an 8-foot table for social-distanced-dinners (just kidding,) many of us are investigating how to get our dishes fully disinfected. No sharing of penne vodka germs.

My family has happily owned a Bosch dishwasher for 20 years or so. As an act of appreciation and loyalty, Bosch is the only brand we will focus on here. With a 5-star rating on Amazon, the Bosch SHXM78Z55N 24″ 800 Series is whisper quiet as it is equipped with their EcoSilence motor system and sound-absorbing base. This machine has a flexible 3rd rack which looks like lots of fun. The price is $1,030. If you find this kind of high, think of all the service it will provide for over 20 + years!

Bosch SHEM63W55N 24″ 300 Series is less pricey at $764. With either choice, you’ll surely be happy with your Bosch hot, sanitized tableware.

Chomp, Chew, and Scrub

Speaking of happiness, let’s shift attention to your smile. Keeping pearly whites cleansed well is important, especially in the time of Corona.

Plackers Twin-Line Dental Flossers are soooooo great. I keep jars filled with them in our bathrooms with signs that say, “If you brushed your teeth, but did not floss your teeth, you did not clean your teeth.” These mighty flossers put single-string flossing systems to shame. You’ll see.

Then, get yourself an electronic toothbrush such as the Philips Sonicare. It has earned 4 1/2 stars on Amazon and claims to remove up to 7 times the plaque than a manual toothbrush! This item has a pressure sensor that gently pulses to alert you when you’re brushing too hard and a brush head replacement reminder. The battery indicator light will let you know when to recharge and the charged battery will last for 14 days. For $50, it’s a good investment.

Coverage after Clean

We all know that we must protect the things we love. That’s why I suggest taking a look at warranty protection from CYA after you’ve made some of these great purchases. CYA has monthly plans, cancellable at any time. They work with manufacturer authorized service people and use only OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

There are silver linings in all that befalls us. Let’s let living more hygienically be one of the positive things we take from this Corona-experience. Lysol anyone??


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