When You Fix it Right, You Fix it Once: Real Life Stories

Scenario A: When you are the victim

“Moooooommmmmm!!!” Your teenage son is screaming from the kitchen. You just sat in front of your computer to pay bills. Not in the mood. “Moooooommmmm – why do the glasses smell like a sewerrrrrr???!!”

Sadly he was right. There was a bad smell wafting up your nostrils as you drank water from your new tumblers. Ugh! You just had Feliks from – uh, well, you don’t even know where you got his number from – fix your dishwasher last week. Apparently, the problem is still a problem. After waiting for him for a week plus 45 minutes (when he was late) and then struggling to understand what he was saying plus having to give him a $10 tip because he didn’t have change (tips are supposed to mean “to ensure proper service!”) it seems your $140 is now literally down the drain. Judging from the extra-heavy chugging sound you heard last night, your dishwasher may even be sicker than before. You know you can call Fix it Feliks back, but you don’t want him in your house again. Not only did he leave your kitchen smelling foul, but your skin also crawled when you repeatedly caught him checking out the rings on your fingers, your clothing, and your newly leased car each time he went back and forth to his truck (and store) for parts that may very well have been old or used. You don’t have time for this – aaagh!

You come to the kitchen only to find almost every glass you own placed in the sink with lots of green soap poured over each one. What did your son do? Infuriating. “Mom, I told you my friends are coming over tomorrow night to watch the game. I can’t have our cups smelling like thissss.” Teenagers. You hold your breath.

At 1 AM, you get to it. The dog wasn’t walked yet. You have to be up early. Why is everything falling on you? You open the faucet, start rinsing and try to brainstorm who you can get to repair your machine – again.

The next morning, bleary-eyed, you are late for work.

Scenario B: When you are treated like a queen

It was a sunny day in November, the phone rang. The guy on the other end of the line cheerily said something about getting a washing machine warranty for your Kenmore washer. He was calling from Cover Your Assets (CYA,) the same company that covered the machine at purchase.

He informed you that your coverage was expiring soon, so you decided to sign up for $6.99 a month. “Why not, let’s give it a try,” you said to yourself.

Ah, and how glad you are that you did! Just a week before your pool party in July, you discovered, the spin was not spinning well on your washing machine; lately, towels were taking extra long to dry. So you dialed the CYA number. In a jiff, the operator connected you with an authorized dealer who had Max the repairman at your home the very next day – and right on time! He showed up in a shiny truck that even had the words “Kenmore” written on the side door.

Max smiled a lot, called you ma’am (despite wanting to look young, you actually enjoyed the respect) and was dressed so neatly – shirt tucked in… His demeanor was ultra-patient as he clearly explained how to properly use your newly fixed machine. When you remarked that he knew a lot about washers, he told you that he is a factory authorized professional and was specially trained to fix specific models. He additionally informed you that all the parts he uses are original equipment manufacturer parts, something referred to as OEM. Max worked quietly, finished the work within 40 minutes, and once done, wiped the counters and floor with a clean paper towel!

Immediately after your next wash, you noticed that the clothing felt significantly lighter, smelled better, and even looked brighter.

You told this to the CYA rep when she called a week later to make sure all was working well. You found yourself replying, “Dollars well spent! Even at $150 for the service call, I feel like this repair will last. Thank you. I appreciate the care and support!”

That’s when you decided to treat yourself to a peace-of-mind policy and cover all of your appliances. For a small fee, you bundled-up-and-saved getting your oven, cooktop, fridge, freezer, and of course, your dishwasher all under CYA warranties. The salesperson assured you that in the future, you’ll always be guaranteed great service for those items. Lol, based on Max’s visit, you’re actually finding yourself looking forward to the next item breaking down.

Lesson of the story: Can’t win with teenagers, but with CYA on your side, you’ll always come out clean;).

Who We Are

Cover Your Assets (CYA) is a leader and disruptive innovator in the field of service plans. The company offers extended warranty coverage for virtually all types of consumer purchases ranging from high-end consumer electronics to computers, major appliances, power tools, lawn & garden equipment, and much more. All plans are backed by an A.M. Best Rating of “A-” (Excellent) Insurance carrier. Learn more about CYA by visiting www.cya.insure.

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