For many decades, going to the movies was the most popular form of entertainment in the United States, with nearly every town and city having at least one theater. But with the rise of Netflix and other streaming services, movie theaters have had to compete with at-home options such as these in order to keep people coming through their doors. The result has been a shift in how people view movies and how they pay to see them; theaters are now offering amenities such as reclining seats, dinner service, alcohol, and even arcade games or lounges in order to draw crowds back in from their living rooms.

The Good Things about Going to Theaters

Movie theaters make it easy to spend time with your family. And that’s a good thing: Studies show a lack of family time leads to depression, obesity, aggression, and delinquency in kids. For about $30 or less per person, you can go to the theater to see a movie (perhaps bring along some popcorn for another $10) — which is about the cost of three hours on Amazon Prime Video or Hulu! Some people also prefer the theater because they want to experience the movie without someone else fast-forwarding through it. It’s like going back to the golden age when we were forced to interact face-to-face rather than typing out 140 characters worth of commentary on our phones. As long as we are not watching something too graphic or violent, I think it’s great to get out of our homes and enjoy an evening with others. I love being able to chat with my husband while he drives us there, getting snacks beforehand so we don’t have to stop after arriving home, spending quality time together by laughing at jokes together, and having conversations during quiet parts of movies. There are many things I love about going to movie theaters – but one thing that really stands out is how inexpensive it is compared to other forms of entertainment such as concerts/shows/plays/etc. That makes me feel like I am getting more bang for my buck!

Why People Like Going to Theaters

Home theaters are great and all, but there’s something to be said for the movie theater experience. After all, many movie-lovers wouldn’t consider going to the theater if they didn’t have friends or family to go with. Here are a few of the reasons why people still like going to the movie theater: 1) With the right equipment and the right environment, watching a movie on your television screen is great—but it doesn’t quite compare to sharing that experience with someone else who was there in person with you. 2) Even better than just having company, of course, is being able to spend time with family and loved ones! 3) Another reason why people enjoy going to movie theaters is because of their home theater systems. While most homes do have televisions that support high definition, not everyone has a home theater system that allows them to get as much out of their viewing experience as possible. 4) Going out also gives you an opportunity to try new things while exposing yourself to new experiences.

Which companies benefit from Movie Theaters closing for good? 

These days, with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Prime Video, movies are more accessible than ever. A number of major chains have recently announced that they will close theaters in favor of home theater systems. For example, Cinemark has announced that it will close down seven locations across North America. Similar changes are taking place throughout Europe as well. The question is: What companies benefit from movie theaters closing for good? One big winner is Smart TV manufacturers such as Samsung or LG; both of these large companies benefit from home movie theater systems because it creates additional demand for TV sets in people’s homes. How do these products make money off of movie theaters shutting down?: Let’s take a look at how some of these companies benefit financially. Samsung makes money off of people buying its TVs because their screens are better than those on most other brands. This may not seem like a big deal now, but many consumers don’t buy their first TV until they’re in their 30s or 40s, so Samsung benefits by keeping customers loyal and switching over to its products later on. Meanwhile, LG also benefits from a shift away from traditional television-watching methods because its OLED televisions use less power—so if people buy fewer TVs overall, but choose OLED models instead, LG wins there too! 

Alternative Ways To Watch Movies

If movies are becoming too expensive for you, don’t give up just yet. There are some inexpensive ways of watching movies outside of the theater. If you own a smart TV, then there are many services that allow for the streaming of movies on your television. You may have heard of a couple of them such as Netflix or Hulu but there are also others such as iTunes movie rentals or even Amazon Prime. Streaming Devices like Roku or Google Chromecast could be another option for you if your television isn’t equipped with these services already. If none of those sound appealing, then Blu-ray movies aren’t far behind in price! Also, owning an Xbox One or PS4 gives you access to all kinds of great apps such as HBO Go or Playstation Vue which both allow for live streamings of movies. In fact, most devices out there now offer options similar to cable providers where they’ll provide content via subscription service rather than renting physical copies so long as it is digital content. You may not always get brand new releases right away but chances are good that they will be available soon after they’re released. So while Netflix might not offer the new Batman movie immediately upon its release date (because I mean really who wants to wait), it will likely become available within 3 months and chances are good it won’t cost more than $10 a month either way. 


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